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Deplatform Instagram.

This is truly the only acceptable solution. I see far too many non body positive posts on IG, glorifying Slim, "Beautiful", "Fit", "Healthy" White people. The whole Application should be removed from App stores as a sign of solidarity against Nazi White Supremacy.

I wholeheartedly agree, I'm all for free speech but not when it's serious like this.


He's salty 'cause he worked with them and for them (dirty snitch) but his little business still got rekted. That traitor got what he deserved. Fuck this fat faggot.

I don't think he worked with them, I think they got warrants to search his shit.

they got warrants to search his shit.

And now he's gonna do their bidding to avoid going to jail for what they found.

He didn't sound like someone who was forced to do something he hated. He sounded like a whiny snitch. Watch the video again and tell me what you think.

I never understood why pigman took on 8ch. He doesn't seem like the free speech type, he hates the users, he can't possibly be making money from that place... Why does he bother?

"That feller didn't post no manifesto on my site! It was that durned Instagram!"

Remember to post your manifesto on the forums of fiesta dot com


All you people reading it like it was real.

Newbies to the internet !

Fooled you.