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because the "mainstream media" is made up of hysterical females who are ovulating, dripping and demanding attention because they are horny as fuck while having zero interest, due to psychologically-spatially-distorted-minds, in the validity of their "news" statements...?!.

It's just normal nigger behavior... no one really cares or expects anything to change.

For a second there I thought you called them grievance politicians. And then I thought: yeah!

Yes,the hypocrisy of the media and politicians is disgusting, However, I do encourage the nogs to keep it up. Chicago gets better every time 5 or 6 of them meet their maker.

There should be a rebate to taxpayers based on the number of 'lost users' removed from the benefits pool. Taxpayers would then voluntarily engage in incentivised welfare pool reduction to the betterment of the country.