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Let him talk about dirt that belongs to Mossad and see what he was doing. The Jews are experts in lying and confusing. I speak of the clear Jewish elite. The root of the problem is the creation of money from a few Jews in the Fed. The whole theme of the island is distraction

There is Something Messed Up here, I mean really Fucked up conspiracy levels, the legal team now hire Criminal Defense Attorneys. A long list of people who wanted him dead from many parts of the globe, will his friends now start have sudden heart attacks, get suicided? If you wrote a work of fiction like this 10 yrs ago people would have said the story was too tinfoil headed crazy, i guess theories and novels are inspired by reality while reality can be stranger than fiction.

these are "criminal charges" how is it extraordinary that the "legal team" hire "attorneys" familiar with the genre of the charges?!.