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In 2017, police said Madden “bit the victim on her face above her left eye, removing a large chunk of the victim’s face,” WDRB-TV reported.

The charges against Madden were dismissed in that case because the judge found him to be too incompetent to stand trial. The Courier-Journal also reported citing online records that other assault charges against him were dismissed.

A tree and a rope would be appropriate here, and the scumbag pedophile should be killed too.

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Last time I raped an 8-yr-old, I twisted my ankle really bad. Fortunately, I never have to deal with the legal shit, because I have a lazy eye.

edit: why doesn't anyone realize how incredibly funny this post is? Oh, I get it: you're all way more righteous than me.

Oh yeah, man. You make us look like SAINTS!

Oh, come on... The lazy eye thing was genius. Genius, dude.... why try to run me off your shitty little site? I have a sprained ankle and a lazy eye and shit. Why are you mean to me? I guess I'm not wanted here.

Remember when Ronald Reagan got rid of the federal mental asylums?

Remember in the 1970's when the USA got rid of compulsory sterilization laws for the mentally ill and low IQ?

These retards and schizos had babies and they now make up a signficant portion of the US population.

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You forgot all the shitholistani inbreds who migrated in the 70s/80s.

weirder than that, every subsaharan-african-cannibal in america has been bred, housed, medicated and fed by the government... they are literally government produced animals!!!