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I can't help but wonder how much vegetarians and vegans spend on supplements and shots to get what they aren't able to get from veggies.

Personally knowing quite a few vegans, myself: lots.

Would it be cheaper if they just ate meat(s)?

Probably. But it's all about virtue-signaling, for them. Expenses be damned. If you have to eat a concoction of six different powders to get the same nutrition that you'd get from a single egg, they'll do it. They think they're Gandalf or something.

Maybe there is something to this. During the past 10 years or so my parents became vegetarians. They both had strokes. My mother died from multiple strokes.

I bet. They use all veggie fats, and it's been noted that due to the (extremely) high amount of omega fats in vegetable/canola/soybean/etc oil, it's actually super bad for your heart, among other things, long-term. I've switched back to lard for the past few months, and have been more energetic and alert, overall. Anecdotal, but I feel "cleaner" after eating something fried in lard than in vegetable oil.

A proper meat-filled protein diet is essential to healthy cognition and psychological state.

Absolutely this. I have 15 years in emergency medicine, and have studied biology all of my life. You're not supposed to shit every 20 minutes like some fucking ruminant. There are several essential (!) nutrients which simply can not be sourced from a vegan diet, period. Additionally, many plants contain compounds which prevent absorbtion of nutrients and can expose the consumer to harm if not properly prepared. If you're a vegan reading this, just eat some eggs. If you're concerned about animal welfare, go out of your way to get them from an ethical source. Also milk, preferably raw unpasteurized whole milk. Both of these will provide necessary, B12 and K2.

Did you even read the article you linked? The abstract says "Vegans need reliable sources of vitamin B12, such as fortified foods or supplements."

You will become seriously ill without adequate B12.

Here's the full text of the article you linked:


It clearly says vegans need to supplement and/or eat fortified (ie processed, artificially enhanced) food to get adequate B12:

"especially vegan, pregnant women need to supplement their diet with vitamin B-12. While deficiency symptoms might not always be seen among pregnant women, within a few months postpartum, infants of mothers who are vitamin B-12 deficient can experience severe anthropometric and developmental complications. Neurologic symptoms that develop in infants and children who are vitamin B-12 deficient can have long-term complications."

In my experience, most vegans are severely mentally unwell individuals. Though surprisingly it's not the typical progression you would expect, you see... even though it will eventually cause neurological problems it's usually the mental illness that causes the veganism and not the other way around.

"It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that appropriately planned vegetarian, including vegan, diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate."

Yes, take b12. Now you're good to go.

Your personal experiences, ie anecdotes, are irrelevant.

Imagine believing a website that doesn't even link to the study...

Do you think more meat eaters or vegans have died from being malnourished?

Vegan diets are the only ones where the sufferer thinks they're doing something good for themselves while malnourishing their bodies. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you sick and weak. How many chronic illnesses and subaccute conditions are caused by vegan diets? Why do vegans age prematurely? Why does their skin always look like shit and their hair and teeth damaged and falling out. Why do their eyes look look sunken? Why are they all anxious and nervous and depressed? Worst of all they try to force their sham ideology on everyone else and claim the moral high ground.

Save your breath. People will do whatever they do regardless. They just like to link things in support of what they are already doing to feel better about themselves. I don't touch any meat or supplements, but I don't tell anyone what to do either. People will eat whatever they want, why bother.

You need fat to not get a stroke. Yeah I know there's "good" fat and "bad" fat but still hilarious.

Chef Dong's Organic Vegan Chicken very healthy. Has all fats and vitamins you need. So fresh, you can taste the meow.

Now, he was old when this happened, so it's important to consider that old people have a tendency to die while you read this, but: My Grandfather was convinced to become vegetarian about 15 years ago, and just a few years ago he died of a stroke. The doctors said that there was evidence that he had been having strokes for a while before the big one came and killed him.

Everyone is 100% likely to die. These blue-check-mark studies are completely bogus. No civilization in history has ever survived on such a diet. Comparing people who eat McDonalds and SlimJims versus "plant based" is not a one to one comparison to "plant based" versus those consuming grass-fed dairy and pastured meat. We're all going to die, eventually. But having good health up until death is not something a vegan diet is going to provide.