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Do you think more meat eaters or vegans have died from being malnourished?

Vegan diets are the only ones where the sufferer thinks they're doing something good for themselves while malnourishing their bodies. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you sick and weak. How many chronic illnesses and subaccute conditions are caused by vegan diets? Why do vegans age prematurely? Why does their skin always look like shit and their hair and teeth damaged and falling out. Why do their eyes look look sunken? Why are they all anxious and nervous and depressed? Worst of all they try to force their sham ideology on everyone else and claim the moral high ground.

Save your breath. People will do whatever they do regardless. They just like to link things in support of what they are already doing to feel better about themselves. I don't touch any meat or supplements, but I don't tell anyone what to do either. People will eat whatever they want, why bother.