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Yeah that's gonna get ugly.

I'm glad the President is urging companies to find alternatives to doing business with China.

All the eggs in one basket was too much risk for too long. We were getting reamed.

But now how will I buy 'muh cheap garbage' now that we can't get stuff from China?

TBH China has been producing cheap products for decades on request by greedy entrepreneurs.

They technically can produce high quality products if you’re ready to pay the price. Check out the computer and mobile industry.

But since the minimum wage has been on the rise, factories aren’t as competitive as they used to be, and cheap products are now produced in southwest Asia (the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Bangladesh...)

Nixon having Kissinger (at the behest of corporations looking for greater profits) opening up China to outsourced manufacturing was never a great idea. These lazy bastards still won't plan on making products at home due to regulations, like worker safety and minimum wages, etc. Highly automated plants will be needed here anyway to make sure we don't lose control of manufacturing. The day is drawing closer to when all the Far East countries that make our stuff cheaply will be influenced by China to also put the squeeze on the West. If we're not ready, we could lose a large scale war due to resources beign in countries no longer under our influence.