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Is that a rhetorical question?


Greta is off limits because she's pushing the preferred Leftist narrative. The Covington kids had the audacity to wear unapproved headgear.

I think Greta hate is being pushed by shadowy "influencer"-type actors in the hopes that someone on the right will go too far and cause a public perception backlash similar to Covington, but against the right. She is the opposite of off limits. They want us to attack her.

Also, don't forget they threatened mini-AOC and her family, for just poking a little humor at them.

Leftists they want to have something to shut the mouths of their opponents and tell them that they don't have a right to disagree or question what they are saying. So now this girl is playing the role of 'racism' and of the 'holocaust'. Because they are wrong and they want to stop hearing about how wrong they are.