[–] Owlchemy 2 points

Been there, done that - LOL. Be careful out there!

[–] PMYB2 2 points

I made it too the car using what I call the ice skating technique slide your feet as if you are on ice skates, only tough part was the curb but I can confirm I did not fall on my ass. Other guy did go down when he went to get into his car but he was okay so we had a laugh about it.

Like I said, it's a long story, so won't tell it now, but one day I came home from work after a day of freezing rain and my whole yard was coated in like a half to an inch plus of solid ice. I got the car off the street and into the driveway, but couldn't get it any farther in. The challenge of getting ME from the bottom of my driveway to my front door to get inside was epic ...

So been there ... done that ... and great stories are made under such circumstances - LOL

[–] picman 0 point

safety first!

[–] PMYB2 1 point

this stuff is all about trying to get at your ass. I thought it was called picman for a minute.

[–] picman 0 point


That was pretty good

Despite NorCal being overrun with commie-socialists and other retards, and that I had to give up White Castle, Nickles Banana Flip, etc., every winter I'm reminded why I don't regret moving here. Enjoy your snowballs upside the head, slip-sliding 50 ft before you fall on your tailbone, ripping mini-icicles out of your nose hair, cracked and oozing lips, burning ears, wading ass deep through snow, and all that winter fun! After twenty plus years I had enough.

[–] PMYB2 0 point

You know this year I almost decided to leave when my father in law was watching the kids, and he had them outside knocking icicles off the house and one hit my oldest daughter in the face, imagine she could have lost a fucking eye had it been an inch in either direction. Winter can be dangerous.

You betcha! The 'winter wonderland' stuff is mighty pretty...from inside the window looking out....but sooner or later ya gotta go out....not so pretty then. Last winter in Kentucky it snowed so much that cars were abandoned on the highway, and I really was ass-deep, not a pair of snowshoes in any sporting goods store around. That was the end for me, the day I promised myself never again. I gave up a lot to keep that promise. Things like White Castle cheesburgers, the great scenery of Kentucky in the warm months, friendship, and so on, but to be free of the snow I'd of paid twice the price. Past couple days its been 'cold' here (as in 55F) , and all the silly natives as crying about it, and wearing poofy goose-down coats, while I'm in short-sleeves with a zippered hoodie vest. They got no concept of what cold is!

It's like that everywhere over here ATM, take really small steps or your buttocks will be meeting mr ice.

[–] PMYB2 0 point

Yes I've seen this happen multiple times since all this polar vortex thing happened. Learn from others mistakes or meet the ice yourself.

[–] Boone 0 point

What's that white shit on the ground is it salt?

[–] PMYB2 1 point

I believe some people refer to it as ICE, I thought that was all about customs enforcement but apparently it can be white shit on the ground too.