Some of us need to use every precaution available

Some of us need to use every precaution available
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I’ll look into this.

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There is quite a bit involved if you're going to start an onion service.

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No idea what’s involved I’m assuming it’ll involve creating an exit node.

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Why do you need to cower in the dark?

Someone may need to dump some info on the globalists. Problem is, if they do openly, they can get killed. Some don't want to get killed.

I have no intention of my comment being harsh. It's just how it came out and it's the internet lol

If this is harsh to you then life is gonna suck. Dump it elsewhere where it will be heard by more than 20 people. And a bunch of lurkers

Some prefer not to be outed by Leftist doxxers, then targeted (like Tucker Carlson) by crazed SJWs. Anonymity has its uses. Many believe we are nearing a war. I believe we are already in a guerrilla war, and no telling how far the NPCs will go, nor what tactics will be employed. Those that prefer a low profile may need TAILS. I do not.