Some of us need to use every precaution available

Some of us need to use every precaution available
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I’ll look into this.

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There is quite a bit involved if you're going to start an onion service.

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No idea what’s involved I’m assuming it’ll involve creating an exit node.

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Why do you need to cower in the dark?

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Someone may need to dump some info on the globalists. Problem is, if they do openly, they can get killed. Some don't want to get killed.

I have no intention of my comment being harsh. It's just how it came out and it's the internet lol

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If this is harsh to you then life is gonna suck. Dump it elsewhere where it will be heard by more than 20 people. And a bunch of lurkers

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Some prefer not to be outed by Leftist doxxers, then targeted (like Tucker Carlson) by crazed SJWs. Anonymity has its uses. Many believe we are nearing a war. I believe we are already in a guerrilla war, and no telling how far the NPCs will go, nor what tactics will be employed. Those that prefer a low profile may need TAILS. I do not.