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Tulsi is a nutjob for her leftist views, but I do admire that she is willing to go against the downward spiral of the other dem candidates.


Wouldn't be a bad move on his part, and good exposure for her, but Bernie doesn't have a chance at winning the presidency.

Don't let Tulsi fool you, because she is just trying to lie her way into office by claiming moderate..if we've learned anything over last 3 yrs , there is only socialist(NWO) vs capitalist ( Constitutional freedoms)come 2020 elections..

Her platform is not moderate by any means.

You're right, but too many ppl are caught up in how Tulsi looks and over look her socialist policies...nothing good can come from electing any Democrat..

Soundbites like this and her military service have the possibility to make people believe her other polices are rational (they aren't).

I think it is good to recognize what you can agree with in people, but don't let that blind you to other unacceptable polices.