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The fact that theyre coming out and telling us that its not jews, tells me that its jews.

the guilty dog barks first.


Chutzpah is more accurate, because they want you to know they're pulling the strings while manipulating guilt to prevent you from saying so.

No. In the last deep-state planning meeting we all agreed to stop using our magical yiddish words on the goyim. You were there, I saw your unique schnoz!

And this is why every day more and more people are becoming aware of Jewish tricks.

lol it's really been ramping up lately. Like, I think if the snowball continues down the hill much further, it'll be unstoppable.

The thing is, I think it's inevitable with the way information flows these days. The only thing slowing it is the lack of people who actually care about the truth. Most whites just trust the things their told, our fatal flaw. Most immigrants are voting for the gibs (Which is why you should only be allowed to vote if you have paid taxes in a given year - Yeah, "Taxation is theft" etc, but you don't start paying less taxes until A)Get rid of the Kikes in AMERICAN politics and B) The only voters are people who pay in, and thus, would like to lower taxes).

That said, if people start hearing about from everywhere, they will look it up. As 90% of people here could recall, after looking into Jews for roughly 5 minutes, you're ready to gas them all. It's nearly inevitable because one of their biggest flaws is to play victim while being a bully. But information flows too far and too fast now, and they also have very poor self awareness, and are very VERY LOUD online. People see them blaming white supreme for black muslims killing kikes - and they are starting to see through the BS. It's glorious!

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Information is definitely flowing and the jews determination to put an absolute gag on all online discourse is proof that they know the narrative is growing beyond their control. They are losing allies and their pets are beginning to lash out at them (see black attacks on jews). They are beginning to lose the ability to rely on victim hood as a strategy because it is now open knowledge that the Jew holds the reins of institutional power.
Increasingly, the only option left to the jew is to wield that institutional power to silence all opposition and dissent. This works for the most part (you may not like the jew but a public charge of anti semitism or ‘hateful’ conduct can ruin your life, so you feign philosemitism and inwardly seethe) but on the flip side, the Jew becomes the target of further dissent and antagonism precisely because he is now the openly oppressive tyrant.

The jew is just at the start of running out of options and all they know how to do is subvert and double down. My main concern is that they are going to completely destroy western society in order to remove a future bitter enemy before scurrying back to the shadows to lick their wounds and regroup.

War-hawks, what an interesting name to call Jews

I disservice to the birds of pray many nations proud of their Aryan heritage sport.

What a peculiar emphasis on your {{{race}}}

I'm Irish, are you thinking I am a kike?

Germany, Poland, Russia, Rome, and so on, all used birds of pray.

the Jew is a minority of the population but occupies the government, the nobility, the army, the courts. They make you believe that the enemy is the elite of another country but the enemy is HOME

This is how those Jewish demons djins look in their dimension to us.

whoever they are, the are not working within the rules. they forgot that there are consequences to breaking rules. not from me! cosmic consequences.

I've never known or observed any ethnic group to be wholly and completely in sync or unified on all matters, publicly, privately, or personally. That said, it will soon become necessary to encourage the Jewish populations of other nations to take up Aliyah, if for no other reason than their safety and well being regardless of the affected persons alignment.


In the NWO Jew there will be capitalism for the Jew and communism for the Goyim

When did Betsy Devos become bluish? Over-reaching much?

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