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That Islam is violent I agree but Judaism, you have read the Talmud or not. You know that Jews hate non-Jews and it is allowed to kill them what they do with wars, false terrorism, chemtrails, vaccines, abortions, Poisons in food, water, kidnapping of children in their parties of Purim and Pesach and blood rituals / crimes against them

All of them are based of the Tanakh (The Old Testament in the Bible), they all just spread it in different ways.

Christianity: Spread through good deeds and self improvement.

Islam: Spread through violence and war.

Judaism: Spread through manipulation, subversion, and legalese.

Just look at the founders/earliest supporters of each.

Christianity: The average man, one willing to stand up to an unjust system because he felt it was the right thing to do.

Islam: A warlord, one who lived for conquest, outcome is all that matters, the ends justify the means, no matter how immoral or violent.

Judaism: A group of "elites" who wanted to consolidate power to themselves and viewed all others as inferior.

They all fundamentally share a basic story in the sense a single God created the world and we are his children. So I can understand when people hold disdain for Abrahamic religions, or religion in general, but I think throwing them in the trash is unwise because When men cease to believe in God, they do not believe in nothing, they will believe in anything. which makes them easily manipulable, you can fool them in to anything, where as the religious you must fool them within the religion. i.e. compare communism to Christian Zionism, they quickly and effectively fooled the young and naive in to supporting communism through false promises, where as with Christian Zionism they had to do so within the framework of Christianity, slowly equating Jews to the Israelites (Ironic since they were enemies), slowly rewriting the Bible over the years, slowly spreading "interpretations" of certain values. It took a few centuries where as communism took a few decades.

More than financing them is that they are. All leaders from Nebuchadnezzar to Donald Trump have been Jews. All "terrorist organizations" have been created and run by Jews. This is a clown world where non-Jews for Jews are not human beings. thinking, we are sheep to shepherd. Let us remember that the Jewish NWO seeks to implant communism for the goyim and capitalism for the Jew and both sides are part of the NWO

That's exactly what this douche does. He welcomes them with open arms and government assistance. We might need a northern wall as well.

They can't spell either.

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They can't type proper grammar and punctuation either. :D


you talking classical liberal? I guess I'll cop to that. But I think i'm more libertarian/conservative. Everybody's a critic, sheesh.