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"Gulags weren't that bad."

Clearly this dumbass never read The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn nor read the back of the history book in elementary class. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was part of the Red Army and knew Stalin, but once he was taken away for critising Stalin's decisions all of that changed.

This idiot needs to keep in mind, once (((they're))) done with us they will come after him & his friends next. Just as Stalin did before during the beginning of the USSR after he took power. He betrayed both Lenin & Trosky and had them hunted.

I keep telling people Bernie does not want to win. He just wants to loot his campaign funds.

The best case scenario for being thrown in to the Gulag was being forced to work until you either died of starvation, exposure, or exhaustion. However, in many, a sizable portion had a worse fate. It wasn't just Eastern Europeans who were on the Bolsheviks hit list who ended up in them, Westerners (Americans, British, Canadians, French, etc.) also were placed in them if they knew too much. Even if the holocaust happened (it didn't, but for the sake of argument), the Gulag was far more brutal and there were easily x100 of them. There were what? A dozen or so German camps? The Gulag had thousands of camps.

Although Germany is one of the most note-worthy opponents of them due to the World Wars, Russia has a much longer history of fighting them, what the Bolsheviks did to the Russians was personal, not merely an enemy that had to be toppled like Germany in the World Wars or the US in 1812.

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You can walk the streets with a red shirt and stalin's face on it with hammer and sickle, you risk nothing

Do the same with hitler's face and nazi svastika... And not only you risk to run into trouble with cops right away, depends on your country, but you also might very well get assaulted quite fast, stabbed eventually, leftists and even some normies will turn pavlovian super violent

Funny how that works uh?


And mao is super cool

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Mao is so bad that Stalin had to actually tell him to chill out.

EDIT: For context Mao was tearing down all the old buildings, mass executing the religious (even more than the Bolsheviks), erasing the Chinese alphabet, and collectivizing to the point Stalin thought "wtf dude?"

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See the guy in the vid? Rivek or idk what is name is

he's not a murderer, give him a rifle or a machete and go ahead rivek, murder all those families, he couldn't, he's too much empathy for that, he's soft

He talks, but that's larp and ignorance

HOWEVER, behind a desk far away for the actual horror, signing extermination orders, pushing buttons to kill millions, or at any given administrative position where he can screw the system hard... Yeah, he would, because that's just that, pushing buttons and signing stuffs, it's like a video game, it's sort of abstract/not real, you don't see what you actually do

And there are a lot like him in place already

There are Jewish left and right FEMA camps prepared for dissidents when they formalize the Jewish NWO.

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Dissents or the privileged peons, depends how you see things

I've made the calculation some years ago, when everybody went "omg we're all going to fema camps now everybody panic!"

Numbers don't add up, you can put something like 5 to 10% of the US pop in them all, big maximum

If not less

I used rikers island prison for the calculation, and multiplied by the number of fema camps to get an estimate

And each fema camp is much smaller than rikers island prison, so it's definitely not designed to put everybody inside

Eventually I came to the conclusion that privileged workers such as medics get housed in fema camps, and everybody else is left "outside with the zombies"

When I say that the FEMA camps are designed for us, the dissidents of the Jewish NWO do not mean that they will put us there so that we live as if it were a concentration camp or something similar but that they have them prepared for quick and summary executions

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They could as well leave "us" to die in the cold if the plan is to bring down the US entirely

Nobody is prepared for that, even those who believe they are sufficiently equiped for that

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Break the left/right false dichotomy, it's created to turn everything in to a black and white debate and divide people, a typical cultural Marxist tactic. They herd the "right" in to supporting shit like foreign wars and Israeli support, and herd the "left" to support communist shit among other things. People feel obligated to remain loyal to one "side" then each are used when necessary to further the goal. The battle must be identified as us against their evil ideology.

Note I say the ideology since treasonous gentiles also subscribe to it for personal gain, and one in a blue moon there is a self-loathing tribe member who exposes shit.

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I am talking from their PoV. To them gentiles are are still very real thing, Christians have know the term is irrelevant for a long time now. Perhaps I worded it wrong.

Besides, due to Phonecian trading routes, Israeli (the original Israelis, not the Judeans) DNA is spread more or less everywhere after the Assyrians destroyed Israel.

I hope my cellmates are hot, and since they'll mostly be you guys the odds are good.

Or is it the goods are odd? Either way, someone bring some cards.