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I think the guy is mostly ignorant on a lot, and is a big larp

Quite frankly, I don't see him killing thousands of people himself, he talks about it, but he would have to do it himself and witness the horror of gulag torture and shit, he would start to puke the next minute

Seriously, you see that guy shooting entire families in the face for the revolution? He could probably shoot at a guy shooting at him, but that's self defense, it's completely different from murdering and torturing random civilians in fucking death camp to save the planet

"I yet have to punch a nazi" give me a fucking break, he's no mafioso used to murder left and right

It's mostly larp, he has no idea what it's like

And then at the end anonymous tip from a friend who fear he might kill the president, pfffff, it was the faggot tip

Can he kill a fucking rabbit, for a start? No even sure he could unless starved

I pitty that guy, not sure he's the worst fellow man on a remote island, as long as he doesn't start talking politics I think that guy is just a random guy, I mean look at him, it's his retarded political stance the problem, he obviously doesn't even understand communism, pretty sure he never read marx for instance



If only this guy knew the marxist's record on environmentalism. It's not good. They suck at managing resources and nature pays the price.

Yeah that's the most retarded part, communism is like the worst offender when it comes to pollution