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They already had it, this is just formalization.

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This man gets it, not a six weeks old rabbit

Out of curiosity, how long have you been following the whole shit?

A Decade? Plural?

In regards to the British law, you can see people get in trouble for tweets or shit within the past year over there, in regards to the overall social shift, I began to notice it after 9/11, however I was still a young teen then and didn't grasp the severity nor scale of it. By 2010 I was completely on board the global conspiracy train, once I accepted it was the reality of things, so many unanswered questions, contradicting stories and accounts, and other such things all made perfect sense. it was like stepping out of the fog, I think many here will know the feeling I am talking about. My Epiphanyin regards to this whole thing was ~2008, so I suppose you could say a little over a decade.

If curious about what was my first redpill/take my first step down the rabbithole. It was a documentary I watched in 2008 that using science and math proved the WTC was taken down by explosives on 9/11, and offered up a considerable amount of evidence suggesting it was a US/Israeli government job (and this was 2008, there is even more now), after that you ask the question "If they are lying about that, what else are they lying about?" and it begins to unravel. I had always had doubts prior to that due to how piss-poor many "official" narratives are, but that video made me realize the degree of things, and opened my mind up to possibilities I would never have imagined before.