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Weren't we already in Afghanistan under the Obama? I'm certain Afghanistan started in October 2001 seeing as my unit was one of the early ones in.

Yep. It was before Iraq. Afghanistan was in response to 9/11. Iraq was because we were still trying to wail on bad Muslims, from the public perspective, and because Saddam was a long enemy of Israel was the real reason.

You were sent in to die for (((Israel))), and lived to tell the tale?

Yea, there's lots of us out there. I was deemed too important to the greater mission so my section (IT) wasn't taken off the ship. Found out later that some of the officers didn't want to go into combat with just a 9mm so they took my rifle. That's what the armory guys told me at least.

Brings troops home but Jewish enslavement continues and its operations of human extermination.Chemtrails, vaccines, fluoride, GMO etc.

The military under Trump has dropped even more bombs than those other two cocksuckers. Not like it was Trump's call. I'm guessing Bibi goes direct with our generals and colonels at this point.

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The military under Trump has dropped even more bombs than those other two cocksuckers


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Also our involvement in Yemen has increased. Obama had some drone strikes there. What the news doesn't cover, but is on going, is that now we basically have ships off the coast 24/7 launching cruise missiles as a continuous operation.

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Edit 2: i found a non-faggot source to go with the others

You linked to Breitbart, I thought you said you found a non-faggot source?