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What a bunch of dog-faced lying pony soldier malarkey he is shoveling out!

With Creepy Joe, a young girl with long hair would be enough to stop him.

Wel, he'd at least have to pause for a bit to creepily sniff her.



But that means I'd need to register as a democrat. I don't think I can do that.

That seems fair.

I think I get to since I registered as no party preference. I hope so, coz I'm gonna! Actually, I'm in Cali, so all I have to do is say I'm an illegal alien and then I totally get to vote for him.

M-16 will.

AK-47 > M-16

That's true, but a true American will always argue that the m 16 is better. The last bastion of Democracy and such.

What about a Polish Tantal WZ88?

That's a wild looking gun. How's it perform?