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I've been secular for a while now and have tried to avoid judging people on the regular. But in the past three years, I can find no better words to describe (((liberal))) politicians as anything but self-serving, evil asshats.

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They need their diversity pet slaves to maximize their profit margins

In a better world, someone has already shoved a dagger into her belly before a public speaking event.

This is why everyone needs to be armed.

Both to deal with corrupt politicians, but also judges, and in fact, anyone that does something so horrible that it becomes worth it to forfeit your own life in exchange for theirs.

I was born in the UK and no one will hire me.

I struggle to get my social security because the DWP bully applicants and give everyone 0 points unless they appeal in court. I tried going to the jobcentre and asked for help with finding work, so they decided to sanction the piddly £140 pw I currently get without even helping me first.

Meanwhile asylum seekers are handed free houses, free TVs, Jobs anywhere they want and maximum benefits as soon as they arrive.

They know Americans won't vote for them so they need to import their voter base faster.

the trump supporters are the real scum. but none of them can see that they're following a lemming off a cliff and taking the country with them

Yeah damnit, the trumpet a bad instrument. My uncle was a trumpets. Band hard job.

Actually, you're misinformed... Broaden your mind just a bit and you may see optimism.