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Put the animal down and make sure to livestream it, let it be an example to the rest of the jungle

Of course Youtube removed it. It's "violent". Who cares if it's a real issue affecting real people. Youtube doesn't believe in "real people", only cattle.

And they will say things like "oh we need those africans-pakis-whatever to take care of our elderly".

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He seems to have been another patient in the (whereverthehelltheywerestaying) according to News Sources. Trust the News goy.

Either way, it is just a case of a jiggaboo acting like a jiggaboo. Fuck these spear chuckers, this is now a nigger synonym thread. I'll start:

porch monkey

check casher

project housing kings


Please continue.

edit: aaarrrrghhh! I left out Jogger. What is wrong with me?

Local nurse enriches the lives of the elderly in your local nothing to see here news. Now back to your regularly scheduled brainwashing, vote Biden.

Damn I finally clicked on the video and it is pretty disturbing. I did an internet search and the jogger has been arrested.

My dad is pushing 88 years old. Seeing an elderly man getting attacked like this really bothers me.

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I very much hope to see this poc arrested and charged with assault and elderly abuse. He needs to never work in the health care industry again.

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