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Carlson's arguments are brilliant.

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Here's the meat and potatoes of it.

Nobody seems to pause and ask why can’t young Americans afford to get married and have children, afford to buy homes and cars and their solution, the elite solution is we’ll just bring in new people,” he said. “What about the Americans, the young people, the 30-year-old American that can’t afford to have kids? Does anybody care about that person? Maybe there is a real problem — I never hear that person addressed ever.”

“It’s an industrialized country issue,” Miranda concluded.

“I’m an American so my concern is for my fellow Americans. And they can’t afford to have children. But rather than fix their problems or even think about them we are like ‘we’ll just import new children.’ Does that seem like a sort of ass-backward way to approach this?” Carlson questioned his guest who responded with an explanation of a renewing economy.

It's a great question. Productive Americans are forced to subsidize other's families and it's preventing them from creating their own.