Obviously. That said the minimum wage should be a living wage.

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I disagree, the minimum wage doesn’t solve the problem, an over abundance of workers pushes down wages, fewer workers = higher wages, it’s simple supply and demand. If you increase the minimum wage you decrease the buying power it represents. The only solution is for companies to have to actually compete for employees, which is accomplished by not allowing unchecked immigration and would be helped even more by single income families being the norm.

Well now, let's think about this. Let's say you open a Burger King, but you don't want to pay a living wage, which is about the same as minimum wage. So with what you are paying no worker can afford even a skid-row hotel room, so he has to sleep in a tent in the park. Eat canned goods. Etc. What does this mean for you? Well now, he ain't gonna work anymore than he absolutely has to (crappy employee), and will up and quit if he finds anything better, so high turnover rate, & constantly training newcomers. Probably be sick of canned green beans, and will start stealing burgers. Will be coming to work stinky (tents don't come with showers), and probably cannot afford a laundermart too often, so them uniforms will not be too spiffy. On it goes, until illegals are your only option, as only they will put up with this. Even this will not solve your problem, as La Migra will eventually come calling. The solution is to hire citizens, and citizens ain't gonna work for peanuts just to live in a tent, so that means a living wage. No, minimum wage will not stop illegal immigration, but it will put Americans back to work, and help cull the jobs available to illegals. Only three ways I know of to solve the problem. The wall. Living wage so that Americans will want the job. Sour the milk (jail and stiff fine) for employers of illegals.