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Trump says a lot of things. I'll just wait and see what happens before I lose my mind. It's not like I've agreed w/ every decision of his presidency. Many of them I hated. My alternative was Hillary. My choice was still the only one available.

Well I certainly hope this is just doomsday soapbox nonsense but if true, the game is over.

He caved on the shutdown. The concrete wall has been whittled down to more silly fencing, and I see no progress on even that. The Republican turncoats in the Senate have been conspiring with the Libtards of Congress off and on, and now this. Bad omens I'd say for 2020.

I’m pretty sure that’s another 4D chess move.

The left hates and goes against everything he says or does.

It would be hilarious if they started to criticize H-1Bs visa holders and demand them to be revoked.