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You can't find black budgets because they operate in cash, get laundered through cash businesses like Pizza Shops (the Pizza Connection Trial was the largest trial in federal history), then those business owners "DONATE" to non-profit organizations, like "Edible Schoolyard" where the tax return shows they throw $167,000 "Solstice" events, but only make $12,000 for their NGO.


From there, salaries are paid, vendors are paid, and the cycle starts anew, where the money, finally, ends up in the hands of politicians to keep the current party in power, or to systematically buy off anyone new who comes into power.

Russia, absolutely has a black budget, but Putin doesn't have to run it with the same amount of complexity. In fact, he pays himself the same way he pays US politicians (and politicians of other countries).

In this picture, you can see where Mossack Fonseca is part of Putin's money laundering chain to himself. He takes State money, pushes it through a layered series of financial entities, then gives it back to himself. Ruben Vardanyan one of several middle men in this process. This is how "oligarchs" are part of the money laundering process. An integral part.


Troika Dialogue, is a node of one of these nodes; the one that happened to be managed by Vardanyan. In the Panama Papers search, you can see how many other nodes are layered off of Troika Dialog, because third parties are an orgy of money launderers registering businesses.


So, now, your entity is just a few pieces of paper in some random office in the Carribean, and, if they get busted, their secretary found to have 1200 businesses registered to her (though she is virtually penniless), and you are a drop in the bucket. That's how big black budgets are.


Troika Dialog paid into US politics, and that is what the the news is trying to hide from you. This document proves that (see the bottom.)


This one proves John Podesta, separately from the Podesta Group, takes money from Ruben Vardanyan, who funded Joule and who funded other funders of Joule, like Flagship Partners, to help enrich and launder through his Armenian friends.


But Mueller, the Podestas and Manafort were all working with Yanukovych on another political operation group project, The European Center for a Modern Ukraine. Joule and Troika are far from the only money trail. Prince Charles was being paid in this same manner out of Troika, but that is practically just a symbolic payment. It references a much deeper financial relationship between all of these parties. That is really what these political operation groups are desperate to keep you from figuring out.


So, now that the Podestas have Russian money, it is now US black budget money, and he gives it to Center for American Progress who gives it to Media Matters, which funds David Brock Internet shilling campaigns, like Shareblue, Correct the Record, etc.

They also launder it to enrich, themselves, of course, and that is the role James Alefantis plays:




He has a pizza shop, a book store, and a number of small businesses and Transformer Art Gallery. He is part of the money laundering cycle. He has Russian black budget money. David Brock has black budget money. John Podesta, Tony Podesta, the Clintons, the Clintons multiple NGO's, etc.

Here is an Internet shilling machines' menu:


So, drug money, gun running, human trafficking, etc, happens with the consent of government officials, then gets cycled around into manipulating how you vote and spend your dollar so that they are able to stay in power.

This is the real Russian collusion and it is far from the only game in town. Russians, themselves, don't bother trying to influence America. It isn't effective. THEY HIRE OTHER AMERICANS TO INFLUENCE AMERICA. Just like every other country does.


That is why transparency of government is so important, because it is the only thing that will combat this. People in government need to be under the same level of scrutiny that intelligence bodies have been employing against the populace.





The news is entirely organized around making sure you don't have a clear understanding of this process.

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