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Funny. I managed to file both my state and federal online and for free... Are people really not aware these resources are already out there?

I'm sure Congress would try to ban it if they were aware. lol

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Congress dees what their lobby group overloads tell them to do.

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Congress should NOT pass "The Taxpayer First Act." In a day and age where the internet exists, I simply do not understand why there shouldn't be an easier way for people in the U.S. to report their incomes and file taxes. Outsourcing this to "contractors" and making it only available for those making under $66,000 will only cause more issues and make it significantly less fun than it is right now to do taxes. I personally suggest that you contact your representatives and senators if you want to see progress made towards making it easier to pay taxes. And let's make sure the President vetoes this trap.

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With the idea of making it only available to people under $66,000 it only proves that congress loves if statements, and that's the very problem with our tax system.

And look at that arbitrary amount of $66,000. For every 2,000 you make you hit some new arbitrary barrier that changes what tools you have to use, what claims you are allowed to make.

Flat tax, or if you must, percentile proportional tax.

Just for fun I'll show you guys the percentile proportional tax. I'm not advocating for it but as far as progressive taxes go it's pretty simple and is like capable of outright abuse and absurdity.

You figure out what percentile income you have (also household incomes fucks this entire concept). You have some top rate we will call k.

Your tax rate is k*(your percentile of income).

Let's say k is 30%

Income Percentile Rate Tax
10K 12% 3.6% 360
20K 25% 7.5% 1500
30K 38% 11.4% 3420
40K 51% 15.3% 6120
50K 61% 18% 9000
60K 69% 20.7% 12420
70K 75% 22.5% 15750
80K 80% 24% 19200
90K 84% 25.2% 22680
100K 86% 25.8% 25800

K might have to be adjusted. But as you can see people who make a reasonable income more or less have a flat tax, but it is soft on the people on the bottom.

It also avoid disincentives to make more money because there is never a tax break from being below a certain income greater than the income difference.