Naive white guy trusting chinks get scammed because he isn't a chink. Also, rain is wet.

This guy opened a gym in china with some chinese business partners. It was really successful, but one of the partners left, making it too much of a financial burden.

One of the regulars of the gym offered to buy it off him for the cost of the debt remaining on the business. He agreed, and they signed a contract with fingerprints and everything.

It turns out that in china, business contracts are meaningless in court, and are completely disregarded. In addition, in China, the court system has a heavy bias against foreigners. Without international pressure, they'll always side with the chink. The lawsuit proceeded without ever notifying this australian guy. He had no idea he had ever been sued!

He thought the contract was in place, so he tried to leave china and go home. He gets stopped at the border, and the border agents tell him he's barred from leaving the country until he pays $40k usd to the scammer. Instead of paying the scammer, he raised $8k usd, which is the cost of taking the scammer to court. It'll cost more than 8k, though, that's just the bare minimum to bring a case to court. He is still trapped in china, and is preparing to bring it to court right now.