If she knows of colleagues using such loopholes it is her responsibility to report them. Where are the calls for this?

^ She is just mad she isn't getting any dark money

They haven't gotten enough dirt on her yet, don't have enough evidence of her misdeeds, her perverions. They had enough to get her into office, but now they have to get the really fucked up stuff to secure her silence.

Paying a corrupt politician more isn't gong to make them suddenly honest. It only increases their income.

Poor analysis. Your average guy wouldn't do well on a politician's salary. This change would permit normal/working-class guys with above average moxie and morals to profitably pursue a career in politics.

Think of the effect that improving police officer salaries would have in Mexico.

The current pay is already well above what workers make, at $174,000 base. Leadership positions pay a bit more. I don't think even doubling that will make a bit of difference, since the parties hand pick who they want.

>The current pay is already well above what workers make, at $174,000 base.

Sir, you make an excellent point however where I feel this theory errs is to misunderstand the level of talent that should go into political office. $174k is chump change on the executive scale, and that's the level, or at least category, of talent that we should want to have in government. We get the occasional gem like Perot, but generally only boobs and stooges run for political office because anyone with half a brain realizes it's cheaper to rent political talent than to become political talent.

If you make $170K /yr and are still bribable then you have no morality. Hell they are making charities for direct bribes. How about 20 years manditory in prison "real prison" for taking bribes. Hell China has in right by death if you are taking bribes. Maybe thats the way to go.