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Couldn't the same be said about the USA?

Look at Patrick Little's campaign, they literally threw out ballots voting for him in California. And he's by no means an exception to a fair voting system, they've done the same thing to many candidates. When a district votes for the "wrong" candidate, they throw out the entire district's votes.

Yes, exactly, I've always been of the mindset the U.S. and China aren't even that different (functionally Shareblue and the Fifty Cent Army are the exact same thing). You just don't have Europoor morons online trying to insist their sovereignty is superior (the whole "center-left" framing being pushed for Sanders being a prime example) despite having the same flaws and more so it's more than fair to throw this back at them since they legitimately think this is how democracy ideally works.

china happens to represent its own Asian culture... whereas as ((("shareblue"))) is a foreign entity operating in america attempting to subvert caucAsian/Asian cultures and communities...!!!

The political and economic agenda in the EU is made by the Jewish Masonic bankers as well as the US. These Jewish puppets will not tell you and distract you with lies. They continue to spray these bastards with chemtrails