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The guy that's talking about Vittert is always "Breaking News" as well. I don't watch Fox or any other legacy media. All they do is diss on Trump and fear monger. Got my dad telling me the economy is going to fall out in the next year because of tariffs etc... I don't like it and I try to be optimistic. These people in the media understand how much power they have over the masses and they still talk shit on the economy. I am optimistic that our economy will stay strong and continue to grow and thank you President Trump for doing so much for the American people. Seriously though it irritates the shit out of me the way they talk about the economy like they want another collapse.

Don't care for the guy's style at all. Constantly interrupting his guests answers, he seems to just want to express his side of the issue. Wants more to argue than to interview. I get the feeling he see's himself as a hard-nosed journalist that digs for the "truth", but he's so damn annoying I switch him off even when I agree with what he is trying to advance.

What do you faggots think? Will our economy have a falling out here in the next couple years?