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I can't upvote this enough. As much as I hate democracy it does show that democracy is one of the few things the Fed fears. They are pretty much at check mate for owning the world, but where do they expend their reputation, in setting interest rates to effect elections.

If you take a fourier transform of their inter-bank lending rate you will see that there is a peak at four years. No other central bank coincides so much with it's host nation's electoral periods.

Also handing low, to zero, nominal interest rates loans to certain corporations is theft. If I give you a loan for $5 and ask for zero interest and set the terms of the loan to whenever, did I just loan you $5 or did I just give your $5. I gave you five dollars. Now imagine instead that I let you choose the volume to any amount you want. What amount are you going to choose. Essentially Bank of America has a printing press. Old literature critical of the fed never described it this way because it wouldn't have been accurate then. It was more proper to say that the fed had it. But with the rates handed to commercial institutions being zero or negative, it's perfectly proper to say they have the press because their is no barrier at all.

It's blatant theft and I don't know how no one else is screaming bloody murder over it. They figured out a way to make something worth screaming bloody murder over boring enough that no body cares. Interest rates, amiright, super interesting stuff. But you've opened an unlimited pocket of cash to certain corporations. Considering physical goods are static at anyone moment of time, and these banks have arbitrary potential command over resources it's clear that these banks are going to control all the assets of the world. In many ways they already do. This is not a natural banking phenomenon, but an effect of central banks.

If you can't beat 'em join 'em right? How do I leverage this system to my advantage?

Be Bank of America. The lowest cost way would be to buy Bank of America stock. That cashflow is converted into assets that draw additional income to make the whole thing look legitimate. But at the end of the day their assets pile up through this process so thinking selfishly having a share of it wouldn't be bad.

But the fed threatening to raise interest rates I wouldn't say that right now is the best timing. Maybe it is good timing because I don't know if higher interest rates are good or bad for BoA's short term valuation. It could be a good thing. But for long term asset accumulation zero/negative interest rates are going to result in assets accumulating so it would be a good long term pick IMHO.

But my view is the company and the shares of investors should be ceased so it being a good investment depends on me not gaining any political power. You're probably fine.

The Jewish financial elite from the Fed and central banks control the nations, politics, political parties, the army, everything. They do it from the monopoly of unlimited money printing for them. They control politicians through freemasonry and CIA. All politicians are Masons and Zionists and many of them Jewish. Democracy is a covert dictatorship, a bipartisan dictatorship where elections are decided beforehand because the Jew controls the electoral system and recount. Leaders are elected with years of advancement by the Jew. The odd thing is that Paul said this

https://ibb.co/4mdcykJ https://ibb.co/KbSQF7Q https://ibb.co/T1Nxcr8 https://ibb.co/ngBKJ3t https://ibb.co/kxCVxqy https://ibb.co/tsVRD47

Ron Paul has yapped yapped yapped about this for years.

He has done actually nothing.

His kid is a POS too.

You know how you can tell the people against Trump weren't really trying to take him down? All they had to do was say he colluded with israel