feels good man

I'll go back someday but it's good to know I can do without

feels good man I'll go back someday but it's good to know I can do without

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You'll eventually forget about the booze, not consuming it becomes your normal. I'll be 3 years without coming up this August.

The thing that kept me going without is focusing on all of the negatives that come with the habit. Mine was especially bad.. drinking myself into oblivion black-out land 2 or 3 times a week. If you strolled through my comment history on Voat, you can actually see the transition from drunk posting to sober posting during that time period. Makes me cringe to look at it, strengthening my resolve to stay away. One of our admins have actually seen it first hand..

I applaud your caffeine abstinence. Now, I'm not that crazy, yet..

Good job man, I've quit both for extended periods. It's good to moderate.

Kratom is good for kicking the booze. Just don’t go crazy with it.


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Really puts things in perspective once you realize where it is on the hierarchy of addictions. Congrats on the asceticism achievement!

I did 3 months off booze - Jan Feb & March - just to see if I could. Once I did that I figured I've got this under control and allowed myself to start drinking again. I've been drinking quite a bit lately though but I chock that up to the nice warm weather. It's getting iffy though so I'll prob do another 3 months off soon. I figure if I can do 6 months out of the year completely booze free I'm probably alright addiction-wise.

good job! - if i go 2 days without caffeine my body gets all achy like i'm coming down with a flu.