[–] Chips 3 points

Eh, Huffington Post does shit like this every day to great success unfortunately. How many have they gotten fired on the altar of political correctness? Hysterical bitches deserve each other.

Big bitches vs. big bitches

What a great time to live in. lol

[–] AOU 1 point

>HuffPo Senior Editor


[–] seanking2919 0 point Edited

Meant to say a senior reporter. (Wish I could edit the title)

But nevertheless, this definitely is a stupid going up against stupid.

Plus, HuffPo's getting a taste of their own medicine. lol

[–] AOU 1 point

Don’t worry, I’m not mocking you.

I just find it hilarious that these kike owned SJW fake news call themselves with serious names and job positions.

Most of them are failed writers who can’t write a book without being triggered. 😂