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blue light radiation eminating from your led device could blind you... ithis is how steve jobs became sick with "cancer", though he was murdered by a liver transplant!!!

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Absurd level of BS in this article:

If he gets pulses 10,000 times faster, he says he can modify waste on an atomic level.

So the title itself is somewhat misleading, in that this is still speculation.

Whatever one thinks of nuclear energy, the process results in tons of radioactive, toxic waste no one quite knows what to do with. As a result, it's tucked away as safely as possible in underground storage areas where it's meant to remain a long, long time.

Bullshit. In the US, an I assume this is not uncommon elsewhere, the majority of the waste is stored near the reactor, where many things could go wrong.

Of that, about 22,000 cube meters is hazardous.

Even if the process is perfected, how long will it take to process 22,000 cubic meters? LOL

Many articles love to make science look like a panacea, instead of the Frankenstein monster it has become.