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Why even have taxes? Just intercept all payments and production then the Politburo will decide what kind of low protein gruel should be distributed.

Some will be more equal than others of course, @smallpond for example will be rewarded for his service.

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If you want rewards, go sell your soul to big agriculture and fossil fuel companies, that's where the money is.

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They can fuck right off with a bacon tax

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Since bacon is so easy to make at home, I expect they'll ban selling the pork belly cuts. With no way to make a considerable profit, sellers will render the meat down into lard which won't be banned, and will eventually be used for cooking french fries instead. No worries though, by then Sharia law will be enforced and pig eaters will be executed.

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I don't think it's politically feasible, but had to post it for @Aragorn's sake.

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Them pesky friggin-vegan militants are up to no good again, huh?