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I stopped watching during ep1 or 2, when nigress "star" beat the crap out of bunch of klingons in hand to hand combat during her first space walk. or something to that effect. Glad to see my decision to never watch it again was the correct one.

I've only seen the series premier episode and thought this had too much soy for me. The only thing that surprises me about ST:D snicker reaching season 3, is that the network keeps ordering more episodes. It's like everyone in the entertainment business gives not a rats behind as to whether this is watched anymore. I don't blame the actors for going along with it. There's a reason they're called whores.

@Titus_of_Voat @shawnh @chronos

I'll be absolutely shocked if it makes it to season 4. Hell, they might not even finish season 3. Star Trek is hemorrhaging viewers.

This is how the indoctrinated the average household in the late 60's to race and class tolerance giving a lesson during the show on how to treat people and once they even did a show on overpopulation and one that failed to catch but if it did not to give tech to primitive minds like arming morons and we just gave everything to everyone and they misuse it or let it fall apart as soon as we leave it in their hands to use control and maintain.