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One day they might invent a camera that does not take fuzzy pics/video of strange objects!!

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TBH the guys working at the mine surely aren't tech-savvy.

Looks like falling weather balloons to me

I mean for real, I'm not the type of guy ruling out every single UFO instance as weather balloon or swamp gas, but this to me looks like what an actual weather balloon from afar with shitty vid quality would look like at 4:22 https://pic8.co/sh/uoxZjs.png

Balloon shaped with a chrome like surface https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5c/Transosonde.png

Falling because pierced or whatever

Same deal for the second shape at 8:50 https://pic8.co/sh/ksMjFu.png

It seems to be shape shifting, precisely because that's exactly what it does I think, pierced balloons slowly going down, kind of like a flying medusa/big plastic bag