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I fall under both Protestant and Catholic myself. ... No where is homosexuality acceptable.


If anything, what this chart shows is which religions are ideologically the weakest. None of those "religions" have allowances for such behaviors in their books with maybe exception of the "atheist" which by definition doesn't have a book. So, we can judge people on their own morality and if their moral code says don't turn left, then left turners are sinners.

If you want to have a club with standards, then you need to uphold those standards or you're in the club by name only. The more they appease such behaviors the more these "religions" are going to break down. Perhaps this "breaking down" is the plan though, so even looking at and accepting the chart in itself is part of the subversion.

Good on you for not falling for the bait.

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Christianity / Catholicism are in a ruin ... or else it is Revelations

Consider that we are at the apocalypse (an unveiling) because we notice the decay and sin around us. Those who don't notice and participate in it have "the mark". Consider this is a perpetual state of things and only a certain few notice.

Matthew 22:14 - “For many are called, but few are chosen.” <-- I'm this myself. Not the "Chosen one" though for that matter which is Jesus Christ or Son of Man and/or God's Son for that matter from what I understand myself.

Consider that all who have sight are blessed by God's Sun (spelling intentional here, do you see the light?), and in effect are "chosen" to act because those asleep can not see the way (recall, Jesus is the way). It is our job to wake them up, in a sense to "save" them from damnation (a life of autopilot and blind to their subversion). Most will not have their name written in the book (i.e. won't be reachable or saved) and getting them to see will feel like a battle of the ages. However, those we can awaken will thank us as we are their white knights.

I love visual graphs without a source to the statistics. I believe everything I see or hear without proof as long as it fits in the narrative of my choosing.

Lol the passive aggressive tone is strong here, woman.

Not nearly as strong as your internet chutzpa, rabbi Finklestein.

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Dont have one for this image. You should read my post I made a while back.


Youll probably learn something.