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According to obscenely overweight "real women that don't play no games", "real men" raise other dudes half black babies and subsidize their lazy fast food lifestyle something something princess juicy sweatpants..

Real men know what to drive, when to drive it and how to drive it.

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Rear wheel is most fun.

I take it you've never driven around in a fwd vehicle with metal lunch trays under the rear tires with the ebrake locked?

Miss my old Grand Marquis. And my old Town Car. My hands-down favorites out of all of the cars I've owned. They're the only two cars of mine that had rear-wheel drive. Coincidence? Possibly.

Everything else just feels like a 'fake car.'

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Dude towncar is where it is at. 86 town car most comfortable car ever.

Why rely on wheels at all?

Bolt a repurposed RATO kit to your roof. Blow past speed cameras at six hundred miles an hour. Give traffic police heart attacks for fun.

Also: No airbags. We die like real men.

Joking aside: RWD is more fun, though AWD is more practical. Solution: Get six more jobs and buy two cars.

Front wheel drive is for mechanics with tiny hands. Real men with big hands prefer rear wheel drive.

RWD is nice, but they don't make a lot of options with that. Same goes with standard shifting.

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RWD plus manual transmission is the only real mans car.

Yep. But unless you go BMW or Cadillac you can't really find sedans. Sports cars don't suit my needs anymore.

Real men don't drive.

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Only a man who has never kicked out a rear end around a corner would say such foolishness.

Real men don't ask permission to drive, and thus don't carry driver's licenses.

Whether you're willing to drive without a license depends on your risk tolerance and density of pigs in your area. Higher risk tolerance is more manly, but taking risks can just be foolish, and foolishness is not manly.

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Possible bug / missing feature report: You didn't reply so I think the ping does not work when it's added in an edit.

Officers and judges totally respect the sovereign citizen. I don't see any way this could lead to problems.

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