They are so much more thoughtful than an average person

They are so much more thoughtful than an average person

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man, that is weird. I was just thinking today, how it might be cool to date a deaf girl. surely, there's more to them then some of the other tramps out there..

actually, I dated a deaf girl once. I found her to be one of the most manipulative people ive ever met.

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Nah. People already know there are manipulators in the world. and its not all that interesting anyway. I was attracted to her because she was pretty and had a different perspective on the world because of her lack of hearing. Her perspective was of that of a victim, and justified her manipulation because she felt that because she had a disability she was owed something from the world. needless to say the relationship didn't last long. my interaction with her mostly involved moving furniture around for her and buying her things. I didn't speak sign language so we communicated with notepads and body language.

So I guess that all of that sign language made her very dexterous; that's the kind of manipulation that you shouldn't have walked away from.

i would have had to dedicate too much time and effort to "fixing" her. and its highly likely that i wouldn't have been successful. i cut my losses very quickly.

Knowing when to walk away is a skill that most young Men ever master. Good for you.

I can't tell if you're joking. If not, do you think it's because they're absorbing less external information from TV?