An example: https://poal.co/s/AskPoal/83712

An example: https://poal.co/s/AskPoal/83712

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Clicking on a website that runs google javascript or images does the same thing.

When google gets information, they sell it to the open market and it's distributed to every nation. Google is functioning as a spy network for the highest bidder through data aggregators.

meanwhile they always try to force "adds" in an attempt to undermine the citizens with corruot products, services and philosophies!!!

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True that.

That's why I usually post an archived link when someone posts an AMPed Joogle link.

Well that isn’t doxing becuase he gave the IP himself. It’s his as far as I can tell or at least he claims it is and I have no reason to suspect otherwise.

I believe he was testing some kind of web server.

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That's part of the tactics some online SJW are using to doxx users. Not saying OP is doing it, but could be.

Try again, Shlomo.