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I was on a train, that was empty, except for me. Until a few stops later when a new passenger boarded, from a station that was next to a jail. This odd looking passenger had the whole train to choose a seat. But, he chose to sit next to me - facing me. After some initial chit chat he took out his glass eye and put it on my knee. He said to me, 'if you want to get off this train you have to put that glass eye back in my head'! (true story).

Be me. 15 y/o wannabe gang-star. Sitting on tram in Naples. mmob. 20 year old Edna Mode-looking mf faggot sticks his head in the window.

LICKS THE SIDE OF MY FACE. Wtf. Says my sweat tastes like that of a liar and that this interrogation has turned into a torture. I don't even kno wtf this guy talkin about...