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Not in a supernatural sense, but I do believe in objective evil. I would put such things as animal cruelty, rape, and serial murders in that category.

Sadism is objective evil. Wanting to hurt others, for the sake of hurting them, is evil. A person can commit genocide and not even be evil. They would have to want the victims to feel the pain, not just seek an objective.

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The devil is in the Bible (40 days and 40 nights in the desert). Not sure if that's a direct example, but meh.


While I mostly agree I could imagine it has some evolutionary purpose. Predators like lions are probably at least a little sadistic I would assume.

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I define objective evil simply as any inclination towards destruction/death. (As opposed to good - creation/life).

This applies on an individual level (personal sins that corrupt the soul and damage the sinners health, but harm no one else directly), as well as a communal level (societal social decay, submission to government/communism, and the economic effects of such).

I actually disagree with your assertion that sadism is objectively evil. Consider it in the context of a Serpent-Seed Reptilian or Jew, who's soul literally feeds off of the suffering energy generated when it tortures and drinks the blood of a human child - this is a direct parallel to your example of the crocodile eating a mammal - it's just nature, the Jew is just doing what it needs to do to survive. This looks evil from the perspective of our human bloodline, and negligently allowing it to happen certainly is, but for the Reptilian bloodline it is a good thing that needs to happen for that bloodline to prosper. This is a bloodline competition and it is always good to do what moves your own bloodline towards creation and life.

Hence it is objectively good to secure the existence of our race and a future for white children.

I think truth is objectively good. So dishonesty must be evil.

I do. I find that people who don't tend to believe otherwise for self-serving reasons or to feel smart.


There do seem to be some patterns of abusive behavior that hint towards that.

Does objective evil mean or imply that it comes from a superhuman/supernatural source?


I suppose not. But that seems to be what people sometimes get at when they say objective evil -- a metaphysical evil. Something that humans channel rather than create.

If objective evil were not supernatural, than the counterclaim to believing in it would be that whether something is evil or not depends on the circumstances. So maybe eating a baby is ok if the ends justify the means or something? I HAVE TO EAT THIS BABY, IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE HUMANITY FROM CERTAIN DESTRUCTION.

I would say yes, but I'm not sure I believe in objective objectivity.

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