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We shouldn't be. That concern is going to be used the justify the fed printing, and we will be slaves for generations as a result.

An acute problem can become a permanent problem very quickly depending on how you handle it. It's made worse when you have no agency over the decisions and someone with their ear towards the very people trying to steal from you does.

We must oppose the fed at all costs, and if we fail, not to sound commie, but if we fail after this we must resolve to cease the means of those who received the printed money, and distribute it back to those it was stolen from, the people. After a short stint of communism we will hopefully realize it doesn't work logistically and re-institute capitalism except this time without a central bank with printing authority.

Or we could avoid that long process that would probably go off on a tangent at some point, simply by saying NO to the federal reserve printing and being serious about it.

Without companies able to perform their function there is nothing that it would do anyway. You would get stagflation like in the 1970s. It really would be just theft. Look at what happened in the 70s. Women had to start working to support a household. And it's continued to this day. The theft of the 1970s was real and had real and permanent impact. We never ended our slavery from it. Interest rates didn't lower either. You had 5% in the 60s and 7.5% in the 70s reaching 9% at it's high. The renting stolen purchasing power back at an insane rate is real. And that was in calm 1970s. What will they charge now?

People have noticed a 100 year cycle. Keep in mind 1970 is 50 years off of 1920 and 2020. It's a 50 year cycle, not 100. Which group holds 50 year cycles as being significant? Don't let them steal from us because this time they will steal everything.

We need to either deal with people dying, or deal with the temporary poverty of not having people work. Let's not sign up for permanent poverty to address temporary poverty when the solution isn't even going to do anything about that. Printing money doesn't mean that people magically have things.

It will not help in our current situation and it will permanently fuck us.

Assemble an army.

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Oh, you're poor? Oh sad. Just let me print myself some money and it will all be better.

But how?

Oh trust me, you just don't understand the economics of how it will help you if I print myself money. That's why you need a guy like me who does understand economics to help a little guy like you out. Just let me print myself some money.

There. Now that I've printed it, you can have a small portion of it if you agree to be my slave for life. See, now isn't your poverty improved?

The way in which this analogy breaks down is that in fact he isn't printing, but printing means stealing it from your pocket. Because if we were talking about individuals it would steal from everyone else, but because we are talking about groups we are talking about stealing purchasing power from the whole, to rent it back to that whole, and pretending like you've helped.

Thanks, I'm pondering your post and it's a very good post. Nice point made!

I'm more than willing to take the risk if there was some way to make sure I didn't expose people who are more susceptible to the virus. Here's an example.

I have older neighbors who are both in their late 70s. Their daughter lives 5 hours away. Another neighbor has set up a triage system in their garage for them. Packages that come by mail, UPS, etc. are placed into their SUV. One of us then collects them and brings them into the garage where we spray them with Lysol and another cleaner. We then open them and place them in the "clean" area near the garage door for them to collect. Groceries are handled in a similar manner.

While this system is certainly not applicable for everyone it shows that there are creative ways to get around this.

Exactly. And this is why we can go back to work. People just need to get used to the idea that we aren't going to be able to work like we did before, and we can't take sanitation half assed. But because we as a society don't seem to have the maturity to change our behavior doesn't mean we should just not work.

At my work, if I didn't show up with proper PPE they would send me home. We should have businesses require workers to show up in gloves and mask or send them home. If you want to work, dress the part. But if you are willing to dress the part you shouldn't be forced out of work just because your coworkers can't take things seriously, and the government assumes that they can't. Use employers to force them to take it seriously. Then we can work.

A few years ago during flu season a coworker of mine explained why none of us "IT nerds" were getting sick. He said (paraphrasing), "We are in IT. When you work in an office and share the men's room with Indians and Pakistanis you learn very quickly how important it is to wash your hands very well."

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To say nothing of having to hold onto the damp paper towel you just used to dry your hands so you can safely open the restroom door to leave without exposing yourself to whatever pathogens third world morons that HR insists on hiring have.

Most "Americans" are worried because they've no financial discipline. Better to demand that the entire nation be given debt forgiveness than printing more money.

I guess that would be nice, but it seems like that would cost substantially more than these coins they toss to the peasants.