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Not sure what she hopes to accomplish with this. Is she pandering to the education cartel... um... unions for votes?

Probably almost 100% of education departments are dems.

Because kids aren't in school long enough?!

A friend who I'm pretty sure is a democrat posted this on fb and was not happy. Then someone commented who I also belive is not pro Trump also only had negitive things to say about this and all the other democratic choices as well. They are shooting themselves in the feet.

Yeah, not a good idea at all. I actually started getting straight A's when I went into home school and one of the factors was length of day was shorter by three to four hours. After about an hour of forcing my self to sit in a chair my eyes glaze over and I start staring out the window. It is amazing what you can accomplish in 1/3 the time when you don't have to deal with disruptive idiots. I was in high school when they could still throw a book at your head or grab you by the scruff and physically eject you.... Cannot even imagine what it is like now but I can see what it is turning out.

Modern school is just daycare with a Marxist twist. You aren't there to learn anymore. High School is just daycare for people that society has deemed too young to be useful, but are old enough to be offended if you actually sent them to daycare.

They have to reteach you everything the second you get to college, anyway. Modern education is so bad, they even have to completely reteach math. One of my math professors went off on a huge tangent about it, especially since math is one of those things that is very straight cut, and hard to screw up, because it's based entirely on logic. If you screw it up, it's no longer logical. But modern education found a way.