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My grandmother was the same way when she had Dementia. That's how Amygdala hijack kicks in with narcissists with dementia. Biden must've done some immensely monstrous things in his younger years. He knows something's out there waiting for him despite how far gone his mind might be and it's likely something all of the democrats are terrified of.

I can't even begin to imagine the fight Creepy Uncle Joe must give when they get ready to slip him into depends adult diapers or give him a bath in the morning after he's pissed himself in his sleep. I know the man's a monster, but I at least hope they put mattress covering on the bed for the sake of the primary care giver.

oh u mean his wife whos a "DR"

C'mon, no way you could sell me on the idea that Biden's wife actually cares about him. She's got to be cabal/Illuminati as well. They don't care about each other like normal people do. They only care about the wealth and status they derive from their associations.