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soros = cia... considering soros money is used all over world to fund cultural propagandists to undermine cultures, it echos one thing ... cia guerilla war tactics... headline needs to read "cia now effectively targets to destabilizes virginia criminal justice system"!


If that were true they wouldn't be wasting time and money fighting Trump tooth and nail.

"Bu..bu..bu they're Legitimizing the opposition!"

No, controlled opposition doesn't fight this hard.

He also funds Gun Free South Africa, which is leading the very successful civil disarmament campaign.

It was cheep to buy, as was the House of Representatives.

Soros does not exist. He is a Jewish actor who also plays Amlo. An invented story infumable of his. On the other hand, the CIA is the Illuminati Jewish bankers. The criminal system is Jewish, so there is no way to take those beams of firewood to justice and see that they are enslaving us by killing and damaging chemtrails, soybeans, fluoride, vaccines etc.