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One thing I noticed was how ham fisted the whole thing was. How awkward and obvious he was with it. I would have thought that the Art of the Schmooze was part of the deal with being elite... Obviously not. Where once I imagined board rooms and limousines filled with cigar smoke, dying pre-teen hookers and devious trickster deal brokers. I now know it’s more like some weasely ginger cuck awkwardly ‘hinting’ that his border line personality mulatto wife wants a gig in any upcoming jew-toon movie.

The Jewish aristocracy and Disney Jew have to fall

"Did you know that she can speak and you could put that over a million dollar cartoon film?" (Wink wink do you want to go to the new Epstein island wink wink?)

"Ooohh no I didn't realize she could SPEAK that is SOOO interesting."

<-- How it went in my head.