Nah. Fuck off fedposter.

I'm not saying anyone should join the atomwaffen, but from what I've seen, they are doing some epic stuff with posters and IRL activism.

You shouldn't even be spreading their propaganda. They have not accomplished anything epic. They should be condemned and shunned. I had no idea they were even still around, they must all be plants at this point.

  • They allowed in a Salafist Muslim because they liked his radicalism, and he proceeded to kill three of their other members.

  • One of their members murdered his ex-girlfriend's parents after she rejected him.

  • One of their members murdered his gay Jewish lover after a lover's spat.

  • They idolize Charles Manson.

  • They VERY PUBLICLY embraced Satanism and recommended Satanist books in their reading list.

  • They created posters praising North Korea and Antifa as allies in their "fight against the system", and they publicly showed these posters on their website for months. Last I checked the posters were still there.

  • They are ardently anti-capitalist and would definitely oppose "hoppeanism".

They're shit.

Yea, just read some posts on pol, they're definitely a bunch of degenerate niggers.