Could have done without the every 2 second commentary by the furry lover I'm guessing from the video. Can't watch this, to much I love to hear my own voice commentary. It's like listening to a news story and the person is talking about how great a reporter they are constantly, we're here to here the story not you now give us the info and STFU. That is a black man singing btw, I can tell by the tone of the voice and the guy they said loved it Sean died in Africa last month so this is not new shit at all.

AIU is hard to like sometimes, but he's pretty spot on when it comes to race relations in society today.

More accurate about the inner cities where people are shit to others, outside the cities and gang area's this shit is not as common. Cities are filled with shit people with shit opinions about a small area of the country where the normal people do not live for the most part.