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It's interesting. I almost think there can be a constitutional argument against it. If you say something that you aren't allowed to say and they take you to court and give you a fine, they can't do that, because the definition of a right is that you can't be punished for doing it. For example, I can rob somone's home. But I can be punished for it. But if I say "communism doesn't work" they can't do anything about that.

But if I have to buy a license to utilize that right that means I had to pay $600 or some figure as a result of engaging or planing to engage in that rightful activity. That's a punishment, and the same thing as a fine after the fact if not worse because of the time value of money.

When you go to the DMV and you're number 113 or something, and 72 is told to get more paperwork and return to the front of the line.

72 should have to come back next week.

they don't even assign numbers anymore. its like bingo now. B14, X68, etc... That way you can't estimate how long the wait is.

It also means you can't leave with the intention of having lunch and coming back. They have bullet resistant glass and private parking garages for a reason.

The worst part is they let complete mutts do it.. it's not even serving any purpose except extortion. Although, it does allow us a way of reporting those mutts so I'm on the fence.

one of the exceptions to this i would say is a fishing license. many lakes and rivers have to have fish bred for them and have the population upped so that the fish dont overfished

If the lake is on privately owned territory then this is valid, but the Government is inherently a criminal entity that has no right to own anything.

true im not arguing that. theres alot of lakes and rivers though that require being stocked up on. wouldnt be anything to fish if theyre over fished. whenever we all rise up and take over the corrupt government, fishing licenses will probably still be necisary.

its pretty retarded though that we're not allowed to collect rainwater and such things

Like I said, for licensing to happen, it has to be controlled by some private entity. The Government is a private entity like any other, except it promotes this fraudulent notion that it is a public entity. In the absence of Government, a lake could be claimed by a community of fishermen, maybe in the form of a co-op, if it wasn't already owned by one person. But anyone who says "This is public space." but tries to issue licenses to use the space, is a fraud and is the definition of the State, and deserves to be strung up and flayed in a grand public spectacle.

When a lake has no fish, fishermen don't go there. There would be a point of equilibrium, and the current system of pretending there are fish when you are fishing in a god damned farm is pathetic.

No license needed to enjoy Chef Dong's chicken.

Does Chef Dong even have a license to serve this so-called "chicken"?!

Of course, and I'm close friends with the health inspector. He loves the car I got him for his birthday.

Chef Dong's chicken, always healthy!

I don't think he does..

The good news is if your chicken is made mostly of scrap car parts you're now dealing with different inspectors.